Best viral movie marketing campaigns

best viral movie marketing campaigns

Education/Experience Content specialists should have bachelor's degree in marketing, communications, public relations, or business.
It is important to note that, in lieu of other forms of advertising, most of the early press about the film was actually about the website.
(See also, youth Marketing going Mobile is Going Fast, the faster a marketing message spreads, the more likely it is to go viral.Entertainment Weekly argued that 1999 was the beginning of a new era in cinema, a point where movies changed forever.It is possible that the target audience for a video of animated babies is not the same demographic of people who would ever by Evian water under any circumstances.Update Nov 2014: I have to include the following example.Instead of or donate a hundred bucks it was AND donate and not to just any charity, it was branded now, it was The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.
Burger Kings Subservient Chicken is noteworthy because it was interactive.

It needs to have a special quality that lends it to multiple viewings.To this end, the years since 1999 have been peppered with strange marketing campaigns, some far more successful promo voyage maroc than others.The cheeky, surreal nature of the ad placed Old Spice on par with other teen-oriented personal care brands like Axe.Old Spice, there is no specific name for the 2010 Old Spice ad campaign that featured the handsome man who purported to speak directly to women when he said, Your man could smell like.It is easy to forget that The Blair Witch Project was made for only a few thousand dollars and was never expected to be a major hit.FOX News Fair and balanced Year unknown.Unlike Evian, Burger King managed to come up with a viral concept that related to its products without being a literal representation of anything it sells.Students who can succeed at this stage are ready to pursue a position in the fast-paced world of modern marketing).BMW Sheer Driving Pleasure.
Attaching a brand name to a video is a great way for a company to expose itself to people who might not otherwise be interested in that brand.
Brief, low-fi teaser trailers showed tantalising snippets of footage - not least actress Heather Donahue's terrorised face, an image which would soon become famous.

The best viral marketing campaign examples made this list in large part due to luck.
The problem with trying to use a viral video to advertise a product is that you cannot always anticipate what will become a hit.
The viral campaign was so successful that to this day, some people still believe that the footage is authentic.