Code reduction hugo boss

code reduction hugo boss

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161 (1) Sentence 1 AktG the Managing Board and Supervisory Board of hugo boss AG have to issue an annual declaration of compliance stating whether the recommendations of the government commission for the German Code as published in the.The statement (in accordance with Sec. .Deviating from section.4.6 sentence 7 gcgc the compensation of the members of the Supervisory Board is not reported individually in the notes nor in the management cheque cadeau kadeos intense enseignes report.The recommendations that were not complied or will not be complied with in the future also have to be indicated stating the reason for non.The compensation paid to the members of the Supervisory Board is demonstrated in total in the notes.Also, payments made by the enterprise to the members of the Supervisory Board or advantages extended for services provided individually, in particular, advisory free réduction sociale téléphonique or agency services, are not listed on an individual basis.Deviating from section.4.6 sentence 4 gcgc the compensation for members of the Supervisory Board based on the success is not oriented toward sustainable growth.
In accordance with Sec. .
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Bundesanzeiger, german Federal Gazette were complied with and whether they will be complied with in the future.Fragrances were produced under licensing arrangements with Procter Gamble until P G's fragrance business was sold to Coty in 2015.289a HGB "Handelsgesetzbuch German Commercial Code) contains the declaration of, disclosures relating to corporate governance practices and a description of the way the Managing Board and Supervisory work.The German Corporate Governance Code as most recently revised on May 13, 2013 was published in the.After the war, the company moved into men's suits and then womenswear.In the view of hugo boss AG, individual reporting of compensation does not provide information relevant to the capital market.It can be accessed at m/Investor Relations/Corporate Governance.2 of the articles of association of hugo boss AG and in the opinion of hugo boss AG appropriate.Deviating from the recommendation in section.2.3 sentence 7 gcgc a cap is indeed specified regarding the total compensation of the members of the Managing Board.

The members of the Supervisory Board hold their offices responsibly and in the interest of the Company.
Insofar as section.2.3 sentence 7 dcgk must be understood in a sense that it also requires an explicit cap for variable compensation components, hugo  boss AG deviates from the recommendation, as it does not comply with this formality.
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