Nabh4 reduction reactions

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The reducing agents LiAlH4 and NaBH4 act as a source of 4 x H- (hydride ion).Diglyme.15, et2O insoluble, sodium borohydride is an odorless white to gray-white microcrystalline powder which often forms lumps.12 Reactivity edit NaBH4 will reduce many organic carbonyls, depending on the precise conditions.The solid is known to exist as three polymorphs :, and.In this sense it traverses one rung on the oxidation ladder.But the key point is that the carbon-mercury bond is broken, and a new carbon hydrogen bond is formed, and it is NaBH4 which performs this reaction.Having just talked about the oxidation ladder, it makes sense to start going into reagents for oxidation and reduction reactions.Many other hydride reagents are more strongly reducing.
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